Wednesday, June 2, 2010

# 62 Book Case

Book Case!! A couple of weeks ago on a Friday when Trevor wasn't too busy at work and before he broke his leg he made me a nice book shelf. I recently asked him if he would build me one for all of my school books. Since we moved into our house they have all been stacked in the floor of the spare bedroom closet. They have just been accumulating over the years and with me just starting back it is only going to get worse. The next week was when Trevor broke his leg. I took off work the day after to take care of him and go to the doctor. After he was comfortable and napping on the couch with some good meds I painted it black. Of course going back inside about every ten minutes to make sure he was alive. It sounds like I have a child huh! After it was dry Aaron our friend from across the street was kind enough to help me move it into the soon to be office.

It looks pretty good doesn't it?


Thank you babe for your hard work!!

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  1. YAAAY!!! I want a bookcase so bad since I have a ton of books that I read...but we don't have any room for one in our house. so all my books are on my bookcase in my office at work. I get weird looks when people walk in and see Twilight books and Vampire Diaries...