Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finley Cate And Ella Kate Are Here

On Thursday morning around 5:30 I got a text from Kaci saying they were on the way to the hospital because her water broke. She was already prepared to go at any time. She was put on bed rest the week prior because she had dilated 3 cm already and was only 35 weeks. She had Finley Cate that day at around 1:45.

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She was healthy and 6lbs. Kaci had a pretty easy delivery but later that night got a little sick and on into the next day. I went up there to visit her on Thursday night and watched her feed her for the first time. After visiting with Kaci, Ben, and the baby I went over and hung out with Heather for a little while. Heather was already scheduled to be induced that Friday so was there getting prepared for that. Luckily they were both at the same place, so convenient. When I left that night I had planned to come back on Friday evening with Trevor and our friends Sam and Joe to see both babies, but that didn’t work out to well. On Friday Heather was having issues progressing so ended up having a c-section around 5 that evening. I wanted to give her some time after having surgery and didn’t want to over crowd her. Kaci was still very sick and had not gotten out of bed since her epidural the day before. Every time she tried to get out of bed she would pass out or close to it. So we didn’t even go up there Friday. On Saturday morning Trevor had a tennis match then we headed up there to see everyone. Kaci was getting Finley Cate dressed and ready to go home. They were both doing very well.

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After a short visit with Kaci we went around to see Heather. Ella Kate was sent to the NICU for a little while when we got there so we were unable to see her. We had fun playing with Leighton though, her big sister, that just turned one.  This is a picture of Ella Kate from when she was born though…


Hopefully I will get to go visit them one day this week. Ella Kate is having to stay a few extra days so she will not be home until later in the week. She is healthy, they are just watching her a little longer. I can’t wait to meet her. Kaci and baby are both doing great.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Race For The Cure

This past Saturday Trevor and I did the race for the cure with Marcie. It was the first time I think I have ever walked the whole thing. I tried to be a good friend so Marcie wasn’t bored. She is not at a point in her pregnancy were it is comfortable to run.

Friday night we were talking to my neighbor who is a breast cancer survivor and she was wanting to dye her grandson’s t-shirt pink for the race.  In turn we bought some dye and Trevor decided he wanted his shirt and socks pink as well. It actually turned out pretty good.

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Trevor said he was going to walk with us but before we even made it to the start line he said, I can’t do this. He ran and then came back to meet us and walked the rest of the way with his two ladies.

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After the race we went to Chili’s for lunch. Southwest egg rolls are my favorite.We got home and showered and went to my parents for the day to watch football.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kaci’s Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower and Football

On Saturday Morning I helped host a brunch for Kaci and her baby Finley Cate. She is due in November but not really sure if she will make it that long. Everything turned out so cute Kameron is such a good decorator. I was so happy to of been apart of it. She had a good turn out and got lots of nice and cute things.

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The Hostesses

On Saturday after the brunch I went home and got ready to go to Marcie and Justin’s house to watch some football. Trevor went over there earlier in the day and I just met him there around 3. We had fun hanging out with everyone.

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Heather’s Sprinkle and Fisher’s First Birthday

A few Friday nights ago we had something called a sprinkle for one of my good friends Heather Savage. It was a surprise, she thought it was a jewelry party. Apparently a sprinkle is just a small shower for someone who is having a same sex baby. If anyone remembers correctly THIS was her last baby shower a year ago. She didn’t make it to the shower because her water broke early. So she was happy to of made it to this one.

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She got lots of nice things. It was good to see some of my close friends as well. It seems the older we get the harder it is to get together with everyone.

On Sunday afternoon I went to Fisher’s first birthday party. Trevor had a tennis match so he could not come. The kids were so cute playing in the bouncy and they did a good job decorating. It was an Auburn themed birthday party.

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I wish I would not have just eaten with my family before I went because they had some really good tailgating type food. They had cheese dip, chicken fingers, spinach dip, bean dip, and many other things. Fisher was so cute digging in his cake too.