Monday, July 11, 2011

Wade and Melanie’s Wedding

On Saturday I spent the morning studying for boards. That afternoon Trevor and I went over to Yarbrough’s house to hang out by the pool before all the wedding festivities. The wedding was in Blountsville, AL. On the way there we drove for around an 1 and then the bottom fell out. It stormed on us for only about 15 minutes though. I was getting really worried for them, due to it being an outside ceremony. Luckily as we got closer it had not rained a drop. It was probably to hottest wedding I have ever been to.  There was not a cloud in the sky and it was around 90 degrees.

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It was in the middle of a field that backed up to a barn. We sat on hay bales covered with quilts. Definitely Mel and Wade style! 

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After everyone was soaked from the wedding we hung out for a little while and ate barbeque. They had an ice cream machine, which was such a cute idea but unfortunately they couldn’t get it to work. I give them props for the idea though. They look so cute having there first dance as a married couple and with her dad.

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After we left the reception we headed to On Tap in Hoover with some people from the wedding. We stayed out pretty late for us but had a good time with friends. I am so happy for Wade and Melanie. They left today to go to Key West!! I wish them all the happiness  love can offer.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

4th of July Weekend

     On Friday Trevor and I were both off work.  We went to breakfast and ran a few errands because we had a showing at our house. That afternoon I studied some for boards and Trevor went golfing. After he got home we got packed up to go to the lake for the weekend. We went with our friends Devin and Mary to Steve and Susan’s lake house at Lake Martin.

IMAG0011 This was Stanford’s first road trip. He did pretty good. We put all of our clothes and things in Devin’s truck so he would have more room in the back of the Jeep. Trevor took the back seat out so we could put Stanford’s bed back there. He really had it made. He could just lay on his fluffy bed the whole way, but no! He wanted to be between us the whole time. We got down there around dinner time, so after we ate we went on a night boat ride with the dogs. I love doing that there. It is so dark in the middle of the water and the only light is the little one on top of the boat. The sky looks so pretty out there. We, of course, had to take the I pad out there with the app where you can name all the stars!! Friday night was a late night. We didn’t go to bed until around two in the morning. That is really late for us old people that usually are in the bed at 10 every night.                                                                                  

     On Saturday morning we woke up ate a little breakfast and then headed outside for the day. They have three boats at the house; a massive pontoon boat, a Moomba ski boat, and a really nice fishing boat. Trevor and I rode around a lot on the jet ski too.

flowers 451

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Steve, the master chef that he is, stayed inside all morning making homemade chicken soup and cornbread for us to eat for lunch. After we ate lunch we took the pontoon boat out to this little island and let the dogs play for a little bit.

flowers 464

I took a little nap on the way back, as you can see they took pictures.

flowers 462  flowers 442

It was the best sleep. Everyone was so tired that night. I am pretty sure everyone was is bed by 10, with an exception to me who went to bed at umm…around 8.

     On Sunday morning Steve made us sweet eggs, biscuits, bacon, and sausage for breakfast. After we got finished eating we started cleaning some outside to get ready for there party that night. Trevor and I helped some with that, played with the dogs in the water, and rode around on the jet ski a couple more times before we headed home. Trevor was ready to get home so we didn’t stay around for the party. I have never seen so many fireworks in my life at the house. They bought them early and were planning on shooting them that night. I am sure it was loud.

On the way home Stanford didn’t do as well. It was in the heat of the day and he wasn’t getting the air he needed or something. We had to stop and get him some water and let him rest a little over half way home. Poor thing, after we got home he layed on the tile and didn’t move for a couple of hours. He was so tired from the car ride home and all the swimming.  Sunday night we grilled out over at Catherine’s house with her and HB. We made steaks and corn on the cobb. It was so yummy.

On Monday the 4th….we weren’t very patriotic! For lunch we went to Margareta Grill with Marcie and Morris. We were planning on going to bowl afterwards but that plan did not work. We went up to the bowling ally in Pelham and they were closed. So then Trevor thought he called Vestavia to see if they were open and they were, so we drove to Vestavia. It turns out they were closed and he really called the one on 280 by mistake. We didn’t really feel like driving up there so we went to Buy Buy Baby instead. What fun we had there…We looked at bedding, gliders, and every other thing in the store.

264060_10100346717916585_27408463_49685920_167354_n The boys were cracking us up. After we left there we went to their new house to see the progress they had made on building. It is very nice and I can’t wait to see it finished. As soon as we pulled up to the house it started storming really bad and it continued to do that for the rest of the day.  We had planned on going to Jackson’s in Homewood for dinner and then to watch the fireworks. With it being so nasty outside we just decided to stay home and order in Chinese. We grilled out a lot over the weekend but for a recap…on the actual 4th we had Mexican for lunch and Chinese for dinner.