Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Weekend And Finley Cate’s Baptism

I was feeling kind of behind on Harper’s room even though everything had been ordered just because it had nothing baby in it. It was still an office and Stanford’s room. I got a call on Friday saying our chair from Storkland came in. On Saturday Trevor and I went to pick up the chair and cleaned the furniture out of the room and took it to Trevor’s parents house. We also went to Home Depot and picked out the paint  for the room. The room feels so clean now…just ready for the furniture to get here. It will not be in until the end of March. The rest of the day I cleaned up the house.

On Saturday night we went to a stock the bar party for a friend who just bought a new house. We didn’t stay very long just because I was tired from the long day that we had. I also got another cold over the weekend. I am pretty sure it is the fourth one I have had during my pregnancy. Apparently I am just catching everything these days. So I think I did a little to much for the day.

On Sunday Trevor and I woke up early to go to Kaci and Ben’s church for Finley Cate’s Baptism. We really liked their church. It is Methodist which is somewhat an in between of mine and Trevor’s religions. After the service we went to her mom’s house to celebrate with brunch. It was probably the best brunch ever. My mom made a delicious cake for the party as well. Everything was beautiful as always at her mom’s house.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

#22 On My 101 List

Go ice skating was number 22 on my 101 list….which I knocked out Saturday. We took my nieces Madison and Maci with us. Trevor wouldn’t let me do much skating because he was afraid I was going to fall on my stomach. The girls had a good time. Trevor got a pretty good workout as well. Madison’s pants were soaked from falling so much.

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While we were skating we had a showing at the house. After we got home we got ready for dinner with Trevor’s family. His grandparents have been in town from Michigan and they left today so we hung out with them some and ate. After dinner we went to watch Devin play for a little bit on 280. Today after church we went to my parents for lunch, which is always delicious. All in all pretty good weekend.

Baby Update at 24 Weeks and Madison’s Birthday

I have been lazy about blogging lately. When I get home from work I go to the gym or come home and cook dinner and then go into a coma until the next day. Pregnancy has been pretty good lately. I am not getting sick nearly as much. It is actually pretty rare now. The doctor has me taking 2 Ranitidine a day now so I don’t have to take any tums. I was up to taking around 5 tums through out the day before my last visit to the doctor.  Trevor has felt him kick now a couple of times. He was excited for that. It took a while for him to feel it even thought I have been feeling it for weeks. I only having a little bit of low back pain now after being on my feet all day during the not much to complain about. I have a doctors appointment this coming Friday for my sugar test. Please pray everything goes well with that.

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Last weekend we went to the bowling ally for Madison’s birthday party. I can’t believe she is eight now. She was the tinniest baby when she was born. Here are a few pictures from her party…

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