Monday, April 5, 2010


Me and Trevor's 1st Easter as a married couple!! We had a good day. We usually go to Trevor's parents church on Saturday night before Easter and to dinner after but Chad and Alissa's flight home from Mexico came in 45 minutes before it started. We were unsure if their plane would make it in on time so we did not go. They ended up making it just in time for church.

On Sunday morning we went to church with my family then to my Nanny's for lunch. We took lots of family pictures but as you all know right now I have no camera so I have to get some from my mom. As soon as I get them I will put them up.

After my Nanny's house we went to Paul and Christy's house to hang out with all of Trevor's family. We heard all about Chad and Alissa's trip and talked with them for a while. It sounded like they had a wonderful time. Unfortunately Alissa got sick one of the last days there and as soon as they got home from the airport they went to the doctor. She has Bronchitis and an ear infection. They still had a wonderful time though.

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