Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter and Life Lately

A few weeks ago was Easter weekend….my mom took all of our family pictures on her camera and I just got them from her yesterday. I love celebrating Easter with mine and Trevor’s family. I am so so lucky that both of our families are religious and love the LORD. On Saturday night we did the traditional Catholic service with all of the Lobdell’s at Prince of Peace, followed by dinner at Firebirds. On Sunday morning we went to the Baptist church with my family, First Baptist Pelham. After we left church we went to my parents for Easter baskets and family photos followed by lunch at my Nanny’s house. My parents got the baby a nice diaper bag from Sew Precious at Patton Creek filled with lots of good things that we will need.

flowers 1169

flowers 1172

flowers 1176 flowers 1177

flowers 1180

After we left her house we went to Trevor’s parents for dinner.  

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I have been so busy plus tired. When I am not running around or working I haven’t really felt  like doing anything but hanging on the couch with Trevor. I am just started to train a new girl at work that is going to take over for me while I am on maternity leave. I have also been working more in Harper’s room with the help of my wonderful hubby getting a little decorating done. It is starting to finally come together the way I wanted minus a few things. I will put pictures up of it after I am finished.

I am feeling pretty good these days still lots of heartburn that is somewhat controlled with my medications but still a small issue. I have been sleeping pretty good as well. I am only waking up around once a night and not having to take anything to help me sleep. I have woken up a few times in the past few weeks with really bad reflux. It takes a little while to go back to sleep after that but I have only done that like 3 times. Hopefully it doesn’t get too much more frequent then that. I have just had to retire my wedding rings due to swelling. I have just recently started swelling  more.  On Friday I was fine putting them on but around lunch I got nervous because I could not get them off…so I would just rather put them away until after the baby comes. I go to the doctor on Tuesday to get checked for the first time. I was supposed to go last Friday but I wanted Trevor to go with me so it was more convenient this way. I am excited to find out how I am doing. Only around 4 more weeks until my due date. I am starting to get excited and a little nervous at the same time. After my appointment this week I will probably go ahead and start getting a bag together for the hospital. It is crazy to believe that we are getting to that point in the pregnancy. It feels like not that long ago I was telling Trevor he was going to be a daddy.


  1. You do look so great in these pictures! I'm glad you're feeling pretty good still and I can't wait to hear how you're doing (progress wise) on Tuesday. We are SO close to meeting our sweet babies, I can hardly stand it!!! Yay!!!