Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Shower

This past Sunday was my big  baby shower at church. Everything looked so nice. Mrs Elaine did such a good job putting it all together along with all her help. The food was yummy as always…grape salad, crackers and cream cheese wrapped in bacon, chocolate covered strawberries,  chicken salad, spinach dip, and these yummy cucumber things.  My mom made the cake. She did a great job as usual.

flowers 1095 flowers 1156

I made this to go on the door at the hospital. I bought the things that I needed for it when my mom and I went to Cottontails a few weeks ago.

flowers 1096

flowers 1126 flowers 1138

So many of my good friends and family were able to come. I was so happy to see everyone. I wish that I would have been able to talk to everyone more than I was.

flowers 1106 flowers 1129

                  My nieces Madison and Maci                              Alissa (sister-in-law) and Chris (mother-in-law)

flowers 1161 flowers 1122

                                           Me and Mom                                                                        Stephanie and Mom

flowers 1128

Some of my favorite ladies from high school

I got such nice gifts. Lots of the things that I will need after Harper gets here. They have been all sitting in our living room for the past few days. I finally got everything washed and put up yesterday with a little help. 

Here are many of the ladies who made the shower possible with a few missing…..

flowers 1144

These are the gifts I made for the hostesses….

flowers 1149 flowers 1150

I am so lucky to have everyone in my life that I do. Thank you all who were able to come!!!

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