Wednesday, September 1, 2010

# 19

Read a whole book was # 19 on my list. it is pretty sad at 26 years old I have never read a book cover to cover. On Sunday night around 11 at night I finally did it. I read the Help. Before I started school last semester I started it and it was okay, I got through maybe 120 pages of it. Then I had to start studying for my class. So after I got finished with my last class I started where I left off while we were at the beach. The first 200 pages went by really slow and was good background information to know but after I got past there it was like I couldn't put it down. So this past weekend I finally finished it. It was really good and if anyone is looking for a book to read I highly recommend this one. I am pretty proud of myself.

Now on to this semester of school and lots of studying. I only have class on Monday this semester but am at UAB West on Tuesday and Wednesday night for clinicals until 11 at night. I am just so happy on Thursday after work I can just go home. It is going to be really hard to have to study on some Saturdays while everyone is enjoying football. I just keep telling myself I will be done in May and that helps get me through. I hope everyone has a good week.

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  1. Glad you finished it! I need to get it back from you so that I can finish it!!!