Friday, May 21, 2010

Trevor's Poor Knee

On Tuesday night we went to Spain Park the way we always do for Trevor's softball game. It was the last Tuesday of the season and I was pretty pumped because the game was actually at a decent hour 6:30. If they won the 6:30 game they were supposed to play for the championship at 8:30. This is the only picture I was able to take while he was playing.


Trevor is the pitcher and in the second inning while he was pitching someone hit a line drive right into his knee cap. He fell to the ground and knowing my husband very well, I know he is not good with a lot of pain or blood so after he layed on the ground for a minute or so I went out to check on him. His knee was blue almost immediately. He is such a trooper he got up and hobbled around for a minute trying to walk it off and actually pitched the rest of the inning. After they came off the field someone brought me some ice to give him and he sat there for the rest of that inning with ice on it. He decided then that he would not be playing anymore that night. We stayed and watched the rest of the game and it was a really good one. It was close the whole time and they actually went into over-time. But his team lost by one. This is him icing the ole knee.


When we left the game we were trying to debate on going to the hospital or waiting until the next morning to go to urgent care or somewhere like that. After we got home he got out of the car and could not put any pressure on it so we thought we needed to go ahead and go to the ER. He took a quick shower with my help and we left. I had tried to call my friend Heather in the ER to see how busy they were because she is a nurse at Shelby (my old stomping ground) and to see what doctors were there before we left the ball field. But that didn't really matter because we had decided to go no matter what. While we were in triage at the hospital she called me back and I told her that we were there. She came directly up there and got us and put us in a room and ordered xrays. He got his xray done and it was quit funny because the xray tech was like, "wow you recently had surgery on your knee too". She said this because the softball laces were imprinted in his legs so much that it looked like he had just got stitches removed. After they returned to the room from xray they were both like WOW. She showed him the films because it was very visible that he broke his Patela (knee cap) vertically. The doctor came right in that I knew very well and began to ask Trevor if he needed to get me to step out of the room so he could show him other injury's and bruises I had caused. Not funny Andy. He sent us home with pain pills and a knee immobilizer and told us we needed to go to the orthopedic the next day so they could decide if they were going to do surgery or not. It pays to know people is all I have to say. We were signed in and out of the ER in one hour and they were actually busy.


Wednesday morning we went to the Ortho and they said he didn't need surgery but they put this awesome cast on him from his ankle to almost his hip. He has to wear this for 3 weeks then we go back in for more xrays and hopefully get a brace instead of another cast at that visit. He is using crutches and they said as soon as it doesn't hurt to put pressure on it he can walk on it. So he doesn't have to use his crutches the whole time.


The sucky thing is his right knee so needless to say I am his driver for the next three weeks because he can't bend his leg to drive. I am just trying to be a good nurse to him.

So... on the 101 list my #1 was to watch Trevor in his first Triathlon that he has been getting ready for in June. We talked to the doctor about that while we were there and he said that was absolutely out of the question. So I guess we will just have to go and watch Justin do it without him. Pretty funny but Marcie and Justin had a bet going if Trevor would actually do it or not. So while we were sitting in the ER Tuesday night Trevor texted her and asked if she would still loose twenty dollars if he didn't due it due to an injury!!! She in turn didn't really know what was going on and told him to suck it up whatever it was, but after she realized what happened she felt really bad.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I felt so soon as I told him to suck it up he texted back and said "sweet. I'm rolling into the ER now." I was like holy crap what happened! then I couldn't get in touch with either of you and was freaking out a little bit. Still pissed y'all won't let me sign the darn thing. We'll plan on going bowling soon....I mean golfing....I mean hiking...I mean.....sitting around watching TV??? ha!