Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Update at 24 Weeks and Madison’s Birthday

I have been lazy about blogging lately. When I get home from work I go to the gym or come home and cook dinner and then go into a coma until the next day. Pregnancy has been pretty good lately. I am not getting sick nearly as much. It is actually pretty rare now. The doctor has me taking 2 Ranitidine a day now so I don’t have to take any tums. I was up to taking around 5 tums through out the day before my last visit to the doctor.  Trevor has felt him kick now a couple of times. He was excited for that. It took a while for him to feel it even thought I have been feeling it for weeks. I only having a little bit of low back pain now after being on my feet all day during the not much to complain about. I have a doctors appointment this coming Friday for my sugar test. Please pray everything goes well with that.

flowers 1034

Last weekend we went to the bowling ally for Madison’s birthday party. I can’t believe she is eight now. She was the tinniest baby when she was born. Here are a few pictures from her party…

flowers 1067flowers 1066 

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