Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Carter and New Years.

On December 28th Carter Morris was born, son of Marcie and Justin Morris. I had been talking to her back in forth all day when she was induced and she progressed very well. But when it got time for the pushing  part she wasn’t so lucky. She had a pretty rough delivery. He finally arrived close to 5pm that night. We decided, after I talked to Marcie that night to wait until the next day to go visit them. We wanted to give them a little time since she had such a rough time. The next day, Thursday, the doctor I work for wasn’t in so Trevor and I took a long lunch and went to visit them at the hospital. He was so cute……

flowers 1007

I was glad to finally meet him. The Monday after New Years Trevor and I were both off work so we brought them lunch and spent the day at their house, watching football and holding Carter.

flowers 961 Trevor getting a little practice!!

On New Years Eve we started off the day with a 6 mile hike at Oak Mountain. I didn’t think I was really out of shape because I had been playing tennis but I was struggling. I haven’t played in a few weeks because of the craziness of the holiday season. The first hill at the start of our hike I got so out of breath. After that I was good to go for the rest of it.

IMAG0229 IMAG0228

After we finished we came home and got some lunch and then I decided to take a little nap. I figured if I was going to try to stay up until midnight that was the only way. After I woke up Trevor and I got ready and headed to Jason and Lindsey’s to cook out.

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flowers 960 Sara Bentlee being goofy!!

We decided to stay over there and watch football instead of going out anywhere. I knew that I would not have been very much fun. I was good until around 11:30 and then I got sick so Trevor and I headed home. We walked in the door and turned on the TV just in time to watch the ball drop. Not the best way to bring in the New Years but I was just happy to be with Trevor. I think I just over did it for the day. I hope everyone else had a good one. I am really looking forward to what 2012 will bring!!!

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  1. So glad you guys were able to make it to the hospital to see us when we were there. Come see us again soon...maybe he'll be awake next time :) So ready to go hiking again....