Sunday, November 13, 2011

We Are Going To Be Parents!!

We will have a + 1 before long. Number 7 on my 101 list was to get pregnant and that happened in August. It has been so hard to hold it in but we wanted to wait until we heard our little ones heart beat and I got a little further along before we told everyone. We have been secretly trying since the very end of April and in August it happened.

flowers 765 flowers 764

I took a test on a Saturday morning around 7 AM when I woke up. I had always learned that was the best way to do it to be the most accurate, was when you first wake up but that is not always the case. After I took it I came back to bed and was tossing and turning with excitement and fear of course. Trevor was like, "what is wrong with you"? I told him I was just awake and couldn't go back to sleep. So we both just layed there for a little while and watched TV until we got up for breakfast. Trevor had planned to go golfing that day so luckily he left around 9 that morning for that. After he left I took another test and it was positive. So unless you are really early that when you first wake up theory is wrong. After my second test I headed out to do a little shopping for Trevor. When he got home from golfing I gave him this..…

flowers 763 flowers 768

flowers 767 

It was so funny because he thought he knew exactly what it was but little did he know!!! He was far from it!!  After he opened his present and card we had to pull ourselves together to go to my grandparents then Lindsey and Jason's to watch football that evening. I wanted to take more pictures but as soon as he opened the present and looked at me I started crying. So that was the end of pictures.

We wanted to wait until our first Ultrasound to tell anyone but after a week of telling no one I could not hold it in any longer and wanted to tell our parents. I was already staying sick so I needed someone to talk to about it. We had already planned to go to dinner with his parents that week to Fox Valley. So before dinner we gave them their surprise....

flowers 775

They were shocked. After his mom going hysterical we went to dinner. This is the first grandchild for them so they are a little crazy right now. After dinner with his family we went to my families house to tell them. They were soo excited!! We gave them a onesie like this it just said Nana and Pop….

flowers 773

I don’t have a picture of my parents opening theirs because as soon as my mom opened it I just started crying. Not really sure why. The tears just started flowing. My mom has some on her camera. I will have to get from her to put up

Trevor and I are so happy to be starting this new journey in our life. We are excited now to share it with everyone!!

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  1. SO STINKIN EXCITED!!!! And I'll probably blog about it on my own blog soon :) Love the daddy onesie btw!!! Love you guys and Carter's future best man ;)