Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Weekend and Marcie’s Baby Shower

This past weekend was crazy and very tiring. But was all fun! On Friday at lunch we had a showing at our house so I woke up early to clean a little bit before hanging out with my mom. We went to Christmas Village. It is kind of a tradition with us. They were very crowded and had lots of cute things. We weren’t really in a hurry so we took our time and stayed there for like 5 hours. After we got finished there I went back to her house to make a few things for the shower. My mom was such a big help. On Saturday I had to run a bunch of errands and then I went and got my nails and toes done with Marcie. That night we went over to Lindsey and Jason’s house to watch the Alabama LSU game. It was good to see everyone that was there. It was all fun until Alabama lost!


All of the bama kids


So glad time changed and I had an extra hour to sleep.

On Sunday was the shower. Everything turned out wonderful, she had a good turnout, and got lots of nice things. Here are a few pictures from the day….

flowers 893

flowers 887 flowers 885

flowers 889

flowers 898 flowers 896


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  1. Thanks again for hosting my friend :) It was an amazing shower and I had so much fun!!!! Love you!