Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Trimester and First Ultrasound

So....I am so ready for this trimester to be over. It will not be long now. I didn't think I was going to be one of those people who was sick all the time but I was mistaken. Since 5 1/2 weeks there hasn’t been many days that have gone by that I haven't felt nauseous. Trevor keeps saying, I can’t wait until we are done paying for you to just borrow food,  joking of course. Some people found out at work before I wanted anyone to just because of me darting to the bathroom while in the room with  patients. The hard thing at the beginning was surgery. I love assisting in surgery but when someone was open in front of me now, I got very queezy. Not really good for the job but it has started to get better.  The one food that makes me feel bad, even when I think about it, is peanut butter. It was the first thing I got sick after eating and that is one thing I can't eat right now. Every other food that I have gotten sick after eating has been fine to eat again. I have been very tired too. Pretty strange for me! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weeks 6 through 10 I probably took a nap everyday. I am trying to make myself still play tennis a few days a week to stay in shape though. Now that I am 12 weeks I am not nearly as sick  or tired. A few times a week still a little but much better with everyday.

My first Ultrasound was Tuesday October 18th. I left work after lunch and Trevor met me to go. Everything with the baby looked great. Her/His HR was 160. flowers 839 My doctor gave me some Zofran for the nausea and it really has helped some. Not a good time with the phlebotomist. I have never had issues getting blood drawn until this time. She blew my vein, it was getting puffy by the second and she was still digging. I said the next time I am going to ask if I can just do it myself.  Maybe that is just my hormones talking but it sucked. I do have a large cyst that has grown a good bit in the past few months that they will just watch closely. He said usually the baby takes over and it will just go away on its own.  Nothing scary yet. So all in all pretty good visit.

Today I went for my second visit. We actually HEARD the heartbeat at this visit. It was 167 this time. But really, I heard it on Sunday with Marcie’s monitor. I kind of cheated.  But it is always nice to hear.  Trevor and I both love my doctor so much. What other doctor out there gave their husband a high five and said good job at their first visit.  He always answers all our questions plus some. I am not really showing much at all so no pictures yet. I will not have another ultrasound until around Christmas for the Anatomy one. So for now….. 

I AM DUE MAY 31st 2012


  1. Congrats girl! I am so excited for y'all and the journey you are about to experience!

    Who is your doctor. Your doctor sounds like my doctor, Dr. Simmons, at Shelby. When we had our first appointment when I was prego with Westin, he walked in and said "I am so glad to hear that you are knocked up again!" HILARIOUS!! Great doctors will make your experience so much better!!

  2. Congratulations Tiffany! I am so happy for you. Pregnancy is so beautiful and exciting. I'll be praying the sickness goes away soon and you have an easy delivery and a healthy baby.