Friday, January 28, 2011

Boring Life At The Moment

Right now life is pretty boring around the Lobdell house. The first couple of weeks of class have been crazy. I started clinicals this week at Lakeshore Health and Rehab. Everyone seems really nice there, that is always a plus. I am working on the spinal cord unit which is pretty scary. People being paralyzed because of an accident or fall, it could happen to anyone at any age. It kind of works out for my next test too. My test this week is on the brain and spinal cord. I am ready to get it over with but not prepared enough yet.
Trevor has been great already. He has cleaned and done laundry the past two weeks that way on the weekends I can just focus on studying and not worry about household things. My temper has been short lately due to stress and he understands like no one else so is patient with me.
This is going to be the craziest week thus far. I have to work up until class and clinicals everyday until 3:30, class until 9 Monday night, clinicals until 11 on Tuesday and Wednesday night, then go straight from work to take my test Thursday. Now the question is when am I going to sleep this week, because while I am at home I need to study for my insane test.
So... this is what me and Stan are doing this weekend...


This is what he does while I study. Gets right up under me and sleeps.
Hope everyone has a great week. Pray that May comes quickly this year!!!

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