Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our weekend

On Friday I ran some errands went to the gym got my hair done, which was much needed, then studied for the rest of the day. On Friday night we went to dinner then went to Ben and April's house for a wine and cheese tasting. It was fun. Everyone brought random cheeses wine and different beers that no one buys on a regular bases.

On Saturday I studied during the day then that night we had my friends from high school (Kaci and Samanatha) and their husbands over to the house . Heather had to work so she was only able to stop by for a short time. Her belly is looking so cute. She is seven months pregnant now. She is the first one out of our group to have a baby so we are all really excited for her. We grilled out hamburgers and just hung out. After dinner we played catch phrase for a while, which was really fun. I love hanging out with my girls and I am so glad all of our husbands like each other so much that we can hang out together and have such a good time. We definitely don't do it enough. I love my husband so much. He knows how stressed I have been with school so he was actually the one that texted one of the guys to get it together.

Today I am just studying once again and going to eat at Trevor's parents later. My family just doesn't think I love them anymore because I never see them. Trevor is going to grill at his parents before I go and I am just going to go by eat and come right back home. His mom said, "I still love you even though you don't want to hang out". Of course she was joking but that has honestly been the truth. Before school started I would go get my nails done and eat lunch with my mom every other Friday. I miss those days. The count down has started until the semester is over. I have this week and then the next and that is it. But between now and then I have 4 tests. My last day of class is Thursday then the next day I am packing for the beach and we are leaving Saturday morning for 7 nights. I am so excited and can't wait. We will be there one of the weeks I am out then I still have another week off before I start back class. But I still have to work.

One of my good friends Lindsey is going to have her baby either the week we are at the beach or the week before. I really hope I will be able to be there. I helped deliver her first two and I would love to help with her third. We will see!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

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