Thursday, March 25, 2010

The wedding festivities begin

Chad and Alissa's wedding is this weekend so we have family coming to stay with us. Their cousin Joe and his wife Jess are staying at our house they will be here tonight. We are planning to cook out at our house if it is not storming because most of the Michigan family will be here tonight. Most of them are staying in hotels and so they are all coming to our house tonight to hang out and eat. A few of them from Atlanta will not be coming in until Saturday. I am excited to see everyone because I haven't seen them since last year for our wedding. I didn't really get to hang out with them much because I was so busy. We are trying to figure out something to do tomorrow with some of them before we have to go to the rehearsal. We were thinking about going to Oak Mountain but we will not if it rains much more today. I hope everyone is having a good week. I am sure I will have many pictures to put up after the weekend. I wish it was our wedding all over again. I miss all the functions and excitement, especially the honeymoon. Maybe one day we will go on another one. I am ready to go out of the country again!


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