Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let the Christmas Parties Begin…

This past Saturday was our first Christmas party of the year. It was Bubba and Betty’s party at their house. We had a lot of fun. He has one of the most beautiful views I have seen that looks over 280 from his backyard. Turns out the baby really loves shrimp right now. I ate probably a dozen jumbo cocktail shrimp along with all the other food they had there. Some of the boys played ping pong and a little pool, while others just stood around and chatted it up. flowers 916Jason and Bubba (Sorry these aren’t the best pictures didn’t have my good camera there)

flowers 917

Against Trevor and Alan

flowers 918

While Lindsey and I watched

flowers 919 Trevor and I in the backyard. A little over 15 weeks pregnant!

16 Week Appointment

Today was my 16 week doctors appointment. Everything with the baby and I look great. I think the HR today was 156. Next month we will find out if we are having a beautiful baby girl or a handsome baby boy. I am excited about finding out but not as much as I thought that I would. I guess just due to me really not caring or wanting one over the other.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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