Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Beach Trip

Last Wednesday Trevor and I left work around lunch to head down to the beach to meet my family there. My parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nieces left the Sunday before us so we were excited about getting down there to meet them. We got down there at around five Wednesday night so we just met them at for dinner at Shuckums, one of my old favorites. There was a little wait so we got a chance to catch up on what had been going on so far on their trip and take a few pictures.




We had raw oysters and popcorn shrimp the best way to start vacation. After dinner we went back to the house, unpacked and looked around the house. We stayed at my friend’s(Lindsey) parents house. They have been doing some remodeling so it was nice to see the transformation. My dad actually went down there last summer and helped build an awesome new deck there. We went to Pier Park a few different days for lunch. It is so nice to have that there now. There is good restaurants and stores that we enjoyed going to. We hung out with the kids at the pool and the beach everyday that we were there.




It was nice to get to see them so much and my parents too over the past week because I haven’t been able to do that over the past year. Trevor enjoyed lots of fishing, as well. On Friday Trevor, my dad, and Brent went on a fishing trip. They caught lots of good fish and had some good male bonding time. The guy who took them out on his  boat filleted their fish afterwards so we enjoyed that for dinner Friday night, along with 3lbs of shrimp. Of course they are boys and took no pictures of that experience. Two of the nights we went walking on the beach with the girls and caught crabs, “ocean crabs”, as Maci called them!! She was cracking us up the way she caught them with her hands. She was not scared at all. She was even talking to them when she put them in her cup when they tried to crawl out, “No Mam”, she would tell them.

flowers 348 

flowers 357

flowers 344

We could not have left the beach without doing family pictures. I looked into getting us a professional photographer but I started looking a little too late. Oh well! 

flowers 360 flowers 364

flowers 365 flowers 376

flowers 383

flowers 393

We left early Sunday morning to get back to relax for a little bit at home before Monday. I was so glad that we were able to go with them, since we had just got back from Antigua, but now it is back to the real world of working. I still have to take boards, which I registered for today. So the studying for those will start pretty soon.

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